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Welcome to Free CSS Templates Website! Find here a never before seen collection of free CSS Templates, one of the biggest in the entire web! All these CSS templates are:

  • 1. Table free in its design (no tables have been used for layout purposes).
  • 2. The templates are light weight, so that it won’t take too long to load.
  • 3. W3C Standard compliant.
  • 4. Comes with public domain photos, provided by Wikimedia Commons and PDPhoto.org.
  • 5. And comes FREE under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 license.

Users are free to use any of these CSS templates for commercial or personal use without having to make any payments, provided they follow the license terms and agree to link back to this website in some feasible way. The Free CSS Templates site is updated quite frequently, and hence all are requested to check back to find some new CSS templates all the time. Cheers

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CSS Templates
Given below is an assortment of free CSS templates, downloadable in .Zip format. Regarding information on how to use them, kindly go through the license page. Visit this page periodically as newer CSS templates will be added to the existing list periodically. At present, there are 219 free CSS templates, spread over 15 pages as you could see below.

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