Blasphemy '06

Setting the standards in design

Our Mission Statement

This is Blasphemy '06, a free, fully standards-compliant CSS template designed by Free CSS Templates.

This free template is released under a Creative Commons Attributions 2.5 license, so you’re pretty much free to do whatever you want with it (even use it commercially) provided you keep the links in the footer intact. Aside from that, have fun with it :)

New and Improved

The page is very simple in concept, and I will now explain how it was written.

First, perm-links

Perm links is series of unordered list links at the top. They were placed there so that you can always have a way to go back home, contact someone, and to search this site.

Second, the header

The title of the page is a simple H1 header sytled using style sheets.

Third, the left navigation

The left navigation is a floated div which is holding an unordered list of hyperlinks. Simple in concept, and in use.

Forth, the content

The content pane is really just a simple div with a left margin just slightly more than the width of the navigation pane.

Last, the footer

At the bottom of a page is a div holding a simple H5 header. The only thing placing the footer at the bottom is a CSS decleration of clear: both.

So there you have it, the inner knowledge of how this page was created. I went a little over board with placing tags into the style sheet. I was really using the sheet for a different project, but just adpated it to this template. So please enjoy, and I'll leave you with a little Lorem ipsum. . .

Lorem ipsum

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